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Our school, which has survived the historical hardship of many centuries, was established by the Franciscan monks in the holy place of our nation, Csíksomlyó, in the early 17th century. It was named after Virgin Mary, who has always been highly respected by the Szeklers, and whose protection they have experienced so many times.

In 1907, a decision was taken, and the school was moved into the town of Csíkszereda. Beginning with 1911, the school functioned in the building consecrated by the Bishop Count Majláth Gusztáv Károly.

The school, which went through the two world wars, was taken into public ownership in 1948. In 1991, after an exhile of almost 40 years, the Christian-minded school was reorganized, and it could return to its original place, determined to continue the education of the young in faith, science and morals.


Our aims:

young people educated in Christian faith, knowledge and ethic

to ensure marketable knowledge and to support talented students

to ensure religious education

to build the Christian moral values into our everyday lives

to educate our students to love nature and have a healthy lifestyle

to make efforts to preserve our traditions and to hand the love of our homeland down to the younger generation

to form a healthy and positive view of life and of the future

to train spiritual leaders for our community



Our possibilities:

-qualified teaching staff

-modern laboratories(biology, chemistry, physics, computer lab and gym)

-library and reading room

-continuous spiritual guidance provided by a priest appointed to our school: retreats, personal conversations and holy masses on religious holidays

-active relationship between parents and school ,students council, parents committee

school- and social relationships

-co-operation with schools at home and abroad

-programmes: study groups, conferences for students, school contests,school trips, drama groups,prayer-groups, pilgrimages, holy masses, scout team, choir, film club, dances, sports(, football and table tennis), balls for parents (eg. fancy dress parties).


Our school has both lower and secondary grammar school sections.At the beginning of the 2006/2007 school year we had 420 students.




lower secondary school (class 5-8) : 1 class/year ( 25 students)

secondary school (class 9-12 ) : 3 classes/year

-Theology - 28 students

-Social sciences - 28 students

-Science class - 28 students


Our curriculum is in line with the National Curriculum set by the Ministry of Education. The GCSE obtained in our school is equivalent to the degrees of other state schools and are accepted by universities at home and abroad.


How can you register?


Our school does not have a registration district. We welcome all those children (not only Roman-Catholics) from all over the country who would like to study and be educated in a Christian spirit.


Conditions of registration:


for class 5 : can register all the pupils who have completed their primary education

for class 9 : can register students who have successfully passed their exam at the end of the 8th grade


Those students who would like to continue their studies in the theology class are supposed to take an aptitude test at religion (based on the material studied in the 7th and 8th grades).

Students can get into the other classes after the national computer-based distribution.


For our students coming from nearby towns and villages we have a boarding school system ( available for 120 students).


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Fondation „Segítő Mária”


530210 Miercurea-Ciuc, rue G. Coşbuc, 80.


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